Rebecca Krusinski Fine Art
I am inspired by the aesthetics and colors of women's style from the early twentieth- century. I try to examine past and present ideas of femininity through shifting design and style. My work offers a juxtaposition between the authentic style of the past and the current evolving nostalgic reinterpretations that create a new prevailing culture. I connect my own female relatives to myself through fashion and as well as through genetic similarities. These women raised me and made me who I am today and I am inspired by their poise, character, and conduct. My paintings form a link between contemporary women who create a vintage appearance and to those who lived in the time of the past.

I use watercolor to paint a soft multicolored rainbow of skin tones, exaggerating the colors that disappear into the skin. The bright blues, greens, purples, and oranges, are painted to bring out the details that distinguish the fashion of an era, as well as the individual beauty of each woman. My paintings examine taste, fashion, and style though the subtleties of the jewelry, fabric, and make-up.